mardi, octobre 17, 2006


Hi zouzou,

This post is dedicated to all the persons that I knew by internet, especially Hassan , who doesn’t understand french :p ! Lézém ta3mél dourouss 5oussousséya ya sanfour!!

In the beginning, (in the internet)I was searching only for boys, I thought maybe I could find someone good for me,… I searched for a long , a very very long time, ….
But I didn’t find .... :(( and I was really disappointed.

Then, I searched for friends, as my friends are all “bizaroide”, I wandered why I don't meet “normal” people in the net?, it’s can be a solution to become “normal”!!
But finally, I discovered that there’s no one who’s normal ...anywhere!! You can imagine my disillusion!!:((

After that, I decided to get my own blog, so that I could discuss with persons that I don’t know, persons that are neither potential boyfriends neither friends. That means that I could say anything, I could be bad very bad !!!!!!!!!without minding about what they could thing or say !! Waaaaaaaawwwww !! I saw the revolution coming!!!!
But, it wasn't possible, because I ‘m not bad and they didn’t help me; they are all gentle and they write kind comments!! My dream was saddened. :(((

And now?? What's the result of one year of chat?? I ‘ll tell you: I have no boy friend, I become “ bizaroxophobe” and I ‘m still gentle , there is no revolution in my fuc…life!!
But, I don’t regret, because I learned a lot and I shared goods moments. :)))))

So, in spite of all the disappointments I would like to say to you thank you.

Kisssssssssssssss!!, but not anywhere ;)

PS: ya Hassan 7aram 3alik!! Lézém tét3além él féranssi 3achén moch ma32oul amdhi sa3tine fi nass ya3ni!! Wénta 3aréf énni séfr fél énguilizi !! lézém anfédhé7 !! Mouah 4 !!

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Un gars, une fille... a dit…

ha en tout cas une chose est sur !!
c que tu as connu hassen , boy friend frien or something else i dont know , u tell us its better :)

Ness a dit…

>> Un gars, une fille: c'est qui déjà les amoureux?? Curieux ou curieuse?? ptètr les 2!!
Pour l'info, Hassan est mon bb (amicalement parlant biensur) ;)!!

Otherside a dit…

Burk :P un post peace & love burrrkk :P

Parait que t´as pas encore changé de garde robe.. arrête d´écrire toute nue :P

Ness a dit…

>> Other side: tawwa fhémt 3léch other side looooooooooooooooooool!!
échriwli 7wéyéz rani zawwaléya!

Otherside a dit…

t7ibich klassit? c´ est tout ce que je peux t´offrir :P Zawali khouk :D

PS: ou naghsil8a 9bal rahou :P

Gattuso a dit…

L9itlik 7al :-D

HASSAN a dit…

ness is cute girl we a7la wa7dah fe tounis kolhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mouah 4

HASSAN a dit…

3arfeen men liberian girl ana ha9olokom hya 4 7abebet kalby
mouah 4